Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to the HandBrake Team. This privacy statement provides information about the information that this website collects and the ways in which we use that information.

Information We Collect

  • Information you enter into this website. For example, a username, password, email address, any information that you fill out on your forum account profile or any information you post on the forum itself.
  • When you visit this website, we maintain access logs of each page that you visit. This includes your internet address (IP) and possibly the operating system, browser version, and other information that may be in your browser’s http headers.
HandBrake Application
  • The HandBrake application has a built-in update checker. This makes a standard HTTPS call to our website or our GitHub mirror (see below) to check for the latest updated information.
  • Per bullet 2 under “Information We Collect”, this will show up as a record in our access logs as if you visited the site in a web browser.
  • The HandBrake version information is included in the HTTP header.
  • No information is collected or transmitted from your computer regarding the application logs, error information and source or encoded content.
  • This feature can be disabled in the application preferences if desired.

What the information is used for

  • To allow us to offer, improve, maintain and monitor the security and quality of this website.
  • To allow us to offer and maintain features such as the community forums.
  • To allow us to offer automatic update checks within the application.


  • You will be required to provide consent to allow us to store account and profile information for your forum account.
  • You can revoke this consent at any time by contacting us and we will remove your forum account and profile.

Legitimate Interest

  • We have a legitimate interest in storing your internet address (IP) and access logs associated with this address to help detect issues and maintain the security of this website.
  • We also treat public forum posts as a legitimate interest as they maintain the integrity and quality of the content on the forum for other users. We may however remove posts, or remove identifiable information if it affects your privacy or the situation warrants it.

Public vs Personal/Private Data

The community forums are a public medium. As a result, any information that you post to the forums is visible to yourself and any other person or entity on the internet. Only your e-mail address (unless you’ve chosen to make it public), IP Addresses used to access the site and password are private. The ‘Contact Us’ form uses e-mail. e-mail is not considered a secure medium so please refrain from sending us private information via this page.

Storage and Disclosure of your data

This website and any data you provide are hosted on servers located in France. We reserve the right to change the location and country where these servers are located at any time. Servers will only be placed in countries with strong data protection and privacy laws. Where possible, we will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of your information. We may disclose your personal information to third parties, including law enforcement agencies where:
  • Required to do so by law.
  • In connection with any ongoing or prospective legal proceedings.
  • In connection with any security-related incidents that may occur.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. This website publishes Google Adsense interest-based advertisements on this website. These are tailored by Google to reflect your interests. To determine your interests, Google will track your behaviour across the web using cookies.
  • You can view, delete or add interest categories associated with your browser using Google’s Ads Preference Manager, available at:
  • You can opt out of the Adsense partner network cookie at: Please note that this opt-out mechanism uses a cookie, and if you clear the cookies from your browser your opt-out will not be maintained. To ensure that an opt-out is maintained in respect of a particular browser, you should use the Google browser plug-in available at: or utilise your Google account if you have one.
Please be aware that our Community Forums use session cookies which are required for their operation.

Third Party and User Content

  • Our website includes hyperlinks to, and details of, third party websites.
  • Our website also includes user-created content.
We have no control over and are not responsible for, the privacy policies and practices of third parties.


The HandBrake team use GitHub for open-source project hosting. GitHub has its own Privacy Policy Documents that apply when visiting its site. Please note, that when Downloading HandBrake, or performing an update check within the application, it may use GitHub Services in place of accessing

Amendments to this Policy

We may update this policy from time to time by publishing a new version on our website. The last time this document was updated is printed at the bottom of this policy

Contacting Us

If you wish to contact us regarding this policy, please use the Report Problem page and select the Contact Us tab