Downloading and installing HandBrake for Windows

HandBrake for Windows

HandBrake is available for Windows at the HandBrake website. Download Handbrake 1.5.1

Installing HandBrake on Windows

  1. After downloading the HandBrake installer from the download page, simply double-click to run it.
  2. If HandBrake is already installed on the system, When installing a new version, the installer will ask if you want to uninstall any previous versions. Select OK to carry on ahead to analyze HandBrake’s license terms.

3. Now, the installer will prompt you about the location where
you wish to install HandBrake. If you don’t have any specific
reason to change this, then just select Install to continue.
Once HandBrake is installed, you may select Finish to exit
the installer.

4. The installer will report the encoding progress.

5. HandBrake is installed in your system now.

6. You can see shortcuts to launch HandBrake on both the Windows Desktop and the Start Menu.

7. Launching HandBrake: You may launch HandBrake by double-clicking on the cocktail & pineapple icon.