Downloading and installing HandBrake for Mac

HandBrake for Mac

HandBrake is available for Mac at the HandBrake website. Download Handbrake 1.5.1

Installing HandBrake on Mac

1. Once HandBrake is downloaded on your Mac, open the disk image from the Downloads folder. Your internet browser (e.g. Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) might do this process all by itself.

2. Next, drag the HandBrake icon to your Applications folder.

3. Open the downloaded HandBrake disk image. Your web browser may do this automatically.

4. Drag HandBrake to your Applications folder to install it on your Mac.

5. HandBrake is succesfully installed. You can delete the disk image and move it to the Trash.

6. Launching HandBrake: You may launch HandBrake by double-clicking on the cocktail & pineapple icon.