Handbrake: Free Video Transcoder

The open source video transcoder

Handbrake is a free, quite useful, and open-source video conversion tool. It is a good software for converting videos from one format to some of the widely supported codecs (.Mp4/.M4v/.Mkv/.Webm). It can support any video format and help you convert it.

Using HandBrake, you can convert any video to work on virtually any device that supports modern video formats, including mobile phones, tablets, TV media players, game consoles, computers, and web browsers.
This quick start guide assumes you have already downloaded and installed HandBrake.

To install HandBrake go to Downloading and installing HandBrake.

Launching HandBrake

1. Getting started   

Open the video in HandBrake. Let’s call this video the Source and let’s browse through files for the desired video to open. You can even hold and drag the Source video on the HandBrake’s main window. The Open Source dialogue enables you to browse your files for a video to open. 


2. Select a title   

  • Some Sources may contain more than one video file. Use HandBrake’s Title control to search and find the video clip you want to use.
  • There may be more than one video clip in some sources. The title control feature lets you select which video clip you want to use.
  • Some Sources like Blu-ray and DVD have multiple Titles.

3. Select a preset:   

  • HandBrake provides a variety of Presets to make the user’s new converted video work well with their playback devices and software. Consider a scenario where you have a PlayStation 4, you may select the Playstation 1080p30 Surround preset under the Devices dropdown Fast 1080p30 is the default preset and it is usually the best choice because it’s fast and compatible with almost all devices.
  • With presets, you can quickly set up a device and save time with one click.
  • Presets affect the compatibility (whether your video will work with your devices and software) and encoding time.

4. Select a destination:

  • In the case of HandBrake, the file name and location of your new video is the Destination.
  • Save As is arbitrary the file name of your new video. You can change this name in the box.
  • To is the location where the new video is saved by HandBrake. You can select the Browse… button to choose any different location.
  • Your new video will be placed at the Destination.
  • Remember to note your destination so you can find your new video. You can replace it later as you please.

5. Start the encode

  • Click the Start button on the toolbar to make your new video.
  • During encoding, HandBrake reports the progress in percentage.
  • It will report its progress and alert you when it’s finished converting.
  • Then you will have a new video file at the destination that you specified.